What I Can Offer...


As your doula, I will provide the following services:  

  • One free consultation to see if I’m the one for you 🙂
  • Two prenatal visits and one to two postpartum visits – First visit: getting to know you in your home, working through your desires for birth, information on interventions and medications offered at the hospital, resources to read, any questions you have.  Second visit: all about labour – knowing what to expect, preparing you to be comfortable to labour at home as long as possible, ensure you understand the psychology of labour – helping you to mentally prepare for it, talking through logistics of when to call, etc. PP visits:  (day 2 and day 7) help you transition to home and give breastfeeding support, debrief about your labour/birth experience, give you a Birth Timeline of the details of your  birth experience, and coo over your baby!
  • On call for you 2 4/7 twelve days before and after your due date
  • Helping you to  be mentally and emotionally prepared for your labour 
  • Emotional, physical, and informational support during your pregnancy, labour and delivery
  • Natural comfort and pain relief measures, suggestions for positioning during labour and delivery
  • Empowering Dads/partners – helping them know how much of a support they can be and what to do hands on.
  • Help with preparation of a birth plan, if you want one – but the real value lies in talking it through with your partner and being unified ahead of time for your desires for labour and birth.
  • The pros and cons to medical interventions, making informed decisions
  • Initial help with breastfeeding right after birth and if needed, direct you to appropriate resources for further help and support once you are home.
  • Support through Cesarean birth
  • Take pictures to capture your precious moments – on your terms, on your camera.
  • Available for additional PP visits on an hourly basis.

I strongly believe every woman who wants a doula should have one.   If you are in need of a lower fee, we will simply discuss what you can afford.

Birth Package: $950.00

My fees include: Two prenatal visits to your home, unlimited phone and email support, on-call support, labour and birth support, pictures, printed Birth Timeline and one to two postpartum visits to help with transition to home and breastfeeding.