What I Can Offer...

I strongly believe every woman who wants a doula should have one.  

If you are in need of a lower fee, we will simply discuss what you can afford.

Did you know that many insurances now cover birth and postpartum doula services? Check under your Health and Wellness Benefits.

Please call your insurance provider to know your coverage.


Virtual Birth Pkg $695.00

Two prenatal Zoom meetings preparing you for labour and delivery, on-call 24/7 virtual support through labour and birth and one postpartum visit giving you breastfeeding tips (either virtual or in-home), unlimited phone/text support.



Prenatal, Postpartum & Breastfeeding Package: $495.00

               One prenatal Zoom meeting (labour/birth prep), three in-home postpartum visits focusing on breastfeeding, newborn care, Mama support, unlimited phone/text support.



 Birth Prep and Breastfeeding Pkg $395.00

Two prenatal Zoom meetings preparing you for labour and delivery and two in-home breastfeeding support visits after baby is born, unlimited phone/text support.



By the hour Support $35/hr and Overnight Support $35/hr

If you are in need of more support after your initial support is complete, or you would like just one or two visits, I can be hired by the hour. 

For overnight support – letting parents sleep, feeding and caring for baby/babies, ie. 10:30pm – 6:30am


Refund Policy and Limitation of Service

100% Refundable if contract is cancelled before 1st visit.

50% of payment is due upon signing of the contract (non-refundable after first prenatal visit)

Remaining 50% of payment is due at 37 weeks (non-refundable – if birth is missed by your doula or back up doula due to a rapid labour or an unplanned/or planned cesarean, you will receive same day immediate Postpartum care support hours in lieu at the hospital. Non-refundable if it was due to failure to call.)

Limitations of Service

If labour begins before the on-call period, the doula and/or her back-up will make every effort to attend the birth.  The doula does not perform clinical tasks (such as blood pressure, fetal heart checks, vaginal exams, etc); does not speak to medical staff on your behalf; she will discuss concerns with you and help clarify options; will not make decisions for you.

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