Nothing Should Take Away The Joy Of Having A Baby!

We understand these are strenuous times as everything is looking a little different being more isolated and with some restrictions still upon us, even expected appointments aren’t happening yet in their usual format. We want to help you have as much of a normal experience as possible, feeling JUST as supported as before, even if it looks a little bit different with the effects of COVID still upon us. We, as doulas, are now back to work in hospitals and homes, taking the necessary precautions. 

Having a baby can be an all-encompassing experience: pregnancy, education, labour, birth, bringing a baby home, breastfeeding, sleep deprivation, newborn care, newborn needs, visitors, feeling isolated, hormonal changes, healing, food prep, shopping, etc. All of this can feel overwhelming to think through and process, as you can tell having a baby is not just a one time event! We are here to help!

Nothing Should Take Away The Joy Of Having A Baby

We understand these are strenuous times as everything is looking different being more isolated and with restrictions put upon us, even expected appointments aren’t happening as usual. We want to help you have as much of a normal experience as possible, feeling JUST as supported as before, even if it looks a little bit different.

Having a baby can be an all-encompassing experience: pregnancy, education, labour, birth, bringing a baby home, breastfeeding, sleep deprivation, newborn care, newborn needs, visitors, feeling isolated, hormonal changes, food prep, shopping, etc. In light of the virus restrictions all of this feels even more of a hurdle to think through and process, as you can tell having a baby is not just a one time event!

I would love to help you through your ‘Having a Baby’ experience to be as normalized as possible. Being a warm, caring doula that gives you continuity of care, emotional support, educational and practical tips as you walk through each stage in the weeks leading up to having your baby and the days and weeks after bringing baby home, brings me a lot of joy!

“When a family feels surrounded by the support they need, they can have a positive, life-giving, memorable experience, even if it’s hard work!”

Postpartum Support

As your postpartum doula I offer support to women/couples through the initial adjustments of becoming parents, the transition to home with good breastfeeding support, newborn care, and some needed Mama care as she recovers from birth and any challenges in those first 6 weeks.

Becoming new parents can be very overwhelming when you first bring your baby home; the feeding starts, the diaper changes seem never ending, what to do with a crying baby and of course there is sleep deprivation. Lots of support in those areas. I can also help you get organized with logically thinking through where things should be kept to be handy as you repeat feedings and diaper/clothes changes throughout the day and night.  We work through any newborn care that may be new to you, especially bathing a newborn, how warm to dress, learning healthy sleep cycles, trouble shooting, processing and so much more.

Breastfeeding:  I am passionate to help you get breastfeeding off to a great start from getting a good latch, getting through engorgement, keeping supply strong, and learning how to pump/express if and when needed. This can come with lots of initial challenges. We find that women who don’t have good support and are struggling will often quit after the 3 week mark, thinking they can’t do it. YOU CAN DO IT!! It takes perseverance, some confidence and some good support around you to make it over the hump of adjustments and then you will be successfully breastfeeding for however long you want! For any issues that are out of my realm of experience, I will refer you to good resources, lactation consultants, etc.

Multiples:  I enjoy helping families with the incredible job of looking after their twins/multiples to survive the first few months of unending feeds and diaper changes and sleepless nights! 

Qualifications:  Postpartum Doula DONA Certificate – April 2015, Infant CPR – Oct 2018, IBCLC Breastfeeding Course, Breastfeeding for Doulas Course and the experience of helping over 200 families through birth and postpartum.

Birth Support

As your birth doula I offer professional support through your labour and birth experience, offering prenatal visits that help you feel prepared and empowered ahead of time. Your journey through pregnancy, preparations and experiencing labour and birth are a time when you might feel the most vulnerable – a time when you weren’t meant to do it alone! I will give you unconditional emotional and physical support, giving needed information to help you feel informed for the choices you may need to make. I am with you from the time you call me through to making sure baby has had it’s first good feed and all is well and settled! I take pictures on your device and keep notes to give you a Birth Timeline as a special memoir. This is a most precious time in life when good support means the most! Helping you have a lovely, positive birthing experience as you welcome your precious little one into your family!

Read more of my Birthing Philosophy

Qualifications: Birth Doula Certification from DONA International July 2011 and the wide experience of helping birth over 185 babies.

Overnight Support

As your postpartum doula I understand how difficult it can be in the first weeks and initial months of constant feeding, making meals for your family, looking after baby, helping siblings adjust, that sleep has become pretty deficient. I can offer 2 nights a week to help you get some added sleep, either bringing baby to you for feeds and doing all the baby care, or bottle feeding your baby through the night along with all the baby care. Also helping you to know when to pump to keep the night time supply going! Sleep is gold, it can mean the world of difference in your outlook for the next day and in the weeks to come!

Qualifications:  Postpartum Doula DONA trained – April 2015, Infant CPR – Oct. 2018, and the wide experience of helping over 200 families.

A little about me

I have been a doula now for over 10 years and have loved this stage in my life! Being able to have so many life experiences gives me a lot of joy and fulfillment to be able to speak into the lives of growing families. I am very comfortable in the hospital setting or home environment, helping create a calm atmosphere and an ease working together as a team with the medical staff/or midwives. I am passionate in helping women/couples achieve their desires for birth and be empowered by the incredible experience of giving birth and welcoming a new baby into their arms and homes. I love helping with the transition to home, giving breastfeeding support to help mama and baby off to a great start to successful breastfeeding, and the family as a whole to adjust and get the rest and care that is needed in the first 6 weeks.

We have 3 lovely grown children, all married and 5 beautiful grandchildren that my husband and I enjoy thoroughly! Our family is the love of our lives! 

We love biking/hiking/camping in the summer, going for long energetic walks or slow walks, travelling when we can, enjoying the company of family and friends. One of our favourite highlights was biking 8 days across the northern coast of Spain the summer of 2018, as we also visited Wales, Spain and Italy for an amazing 6 weeks! Another favourite highlight of our lives was taking 2 of our 3 kids (teens then in 2005) to South Africa for 6 months to work at an international community development agency – it changed our lives and we’ve been involved ever since!  We have spent extended time in several different countries, in my years growing up and then us together. This gives me a unique world view and a desire to help people from other countries adjust as their families expand here and to continue volunteering from time to time in underdeveloped countries.

Birth Doula Certification (DONA) #8553 July 2010

Postpartum Doula Workshop Certificate of Completion (DONA) April 2015

IBCLC Lactation Course/Breastfeeding for Doulas Course

Infant CPR (CPR/AED Level C) Oct. 2018

Various other courses and workshops and Over 200 families have received my care!

I would love to hear from you and meet you for a coffee!

Your body is an incredible creation, and you can trust and believe in its ability!

Here are comments from some of the wonderful people I have served...

My experience with Trish started back in 2010 when I was pregnant with our first child. I found her on the DONA website.  Her calming voice, her support and knowledge was amazing through it all.  I wanted an unmedicated labour and she was there to rub my back, squeeze my hips for hours and even moaned with me through transition to keep me in rhythm. The support she gave my husband as well was undeniable. He was very thankful she was there to help him with his own fears and anxiety of watching his wife in pain.  We laughed lots, we kept it light and I was able to achieve my goal with her in my corner and I am forever grateful…. Soooo… we hired her for our next two children as well!!  I would highly recommend her to everyone!  She is the kindest, sweetest, and will have your back no matter what.  Thank you again Trish for your hard work, and your friendship that started back in 2010 🙂 

Leanne and Michael B. (Brooklynn, Naomi and Jaren) 

Trish made the difference in our labour. She was a tremendous advocate for us in the delivery room. We would recommend Trish as your Doula.

Initially we were unsure of using a Doula, but we reached out to Trish for an initial meeting. There was no pressure from Trish to commit to using a Doula. We were comforted by her experience (150+ deliveries), and impressed by her knowledge, understanding, and approach. She listened to us, provided insight and guidance when asked, and helped us prepare for the big day.  We received 2 prenatal visits, a longer than expected delivery, and 2 postnatal visits.

Our delivery was difficult: 14 hours of labour, induced, 4 1/2 hours of active pushing. Trish was there through it all, staying with us at the hospital through the night, ensuring both mom and dad were comfortable, giving us reassurance when things got tough.

The one moment which we will be forever grateful for is when Trish spoke up on our behalf to have the induction slowed down so that we could reconsider our options (which we did and opted for an epidural).

We found support before and after birth beneficial, but her actions during birth as a patient advocate were invaluable. 

Trish should be part of your birth plan.

-Dave & Erin

Trish was the perfect Doula for me.  She understood completely the type of labour and delivery I wanted and would help me make educated and reasoned decisions during the intense labour process.  My husband was a little skeptical about the “birthing doula” idea but was very supportive of my decision for choosing this path.  Once our son was born and we had a moment to reflect and discuss the delivery, we both agreed it would NOT have been possible without Trish.  Jon was at a loss to help me during the intense labour process and Trish gave him the confidence and knowledge to support me.  Both he and I recommend Trish to anyone considering an “intervention free” labour.

Brandy T